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Common problems with registered sole proprietorship companies
RELEASE TIME:2017-07-04 BROWSE:1911

What are the conditions for a registered sole proprietorship?

Answer: 1, the investor is a natural person; 2, the legal name of the enterprise; 3, have declared capital investors; 4, in line with the provisions of the production premises and the necessary conditions for production and operation; 5, have the necessary personnel.

Two, registered individual proprietorship companies need to pay attention to what?

1, the name meets the scope of operation;

2, address specification (such as Guangzhou XXX Street XXX District XXX) to fill in the application form;

3, the scope of operation standardized unity;

4, the identity of the use of valid identification documents;

5, the scope of business need pre-approval, approval of the permit before the approval of the permit, please refer to the scope of pre licensing;

6, no legal violations were pulled into the blacklist, no taxes act not opened before the company was in violation of the laws and regulations and taxes act.