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Invoice stamped unclear: void or re opened?
RELEASE TIME:2017-07-04 BROWSE:1855

The common invoice invalid situation mainly has the following three kinds:

1, the invoice units and individuals after the invoice, if the sale of goods returned to open the red letter invoice, must recover the original invoice, and marked "void" word, or obtain the other party's valid certificate.

2, when the invoice issued errors, errors and other circumstances need to reopen the invoice, you can note on the original invoice "void" after the word, re issued. At the same time, if the invoices issued after the buyer does not claim to become invalid, should according to fill in the wrong handle.

3, the sales discount, recovering the original invoice and indicate the word "invalid", re issue sales invoice; note that the special invoice is incorrect, shall be issued, and in the special invoice mistakenly fill marked "mistakenly fill void" four words.

Conditions for cancellation of VAT invoices:

The general taxpayer invoices issued in the month, occurrence of sales returns and billing errors and other circumstances, receive the returned invoice deduction, with waste conditions, according to the invalid processing; when the issue is found to be incorrect, can be cancelled. Invoices shall be void in the data message according to the corresponding anti-counterfeiting fiscal system will be "invalid", in the paper invoices (including not print special invoice) each copy marked "void" on, all the pages remain.

The term of cancellation refers to the following circumstances:

(1) receipt of the returned invoice shall not exceed the seller's invoice for the month;

(two) the sales party has not copied the tax and has not accounted for it;

(three) the purchaser is not certified or certified, the result is inconsistent with the taxpayer identification number, the code for special invoices and the number certification does not match".

The VAT invoices specially approved shall not be cancelled. Therefore, the enterprise shall receive the invoice returned by the purchaser after the deduction of the invoice, and in conformity with the above conditions, void the invoice as required.