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Unswervingly push forward the construction of concentration, benefit the people and improve the supporting policies
RELEASE TIME:2017-07-04 BROWSE:1889

Washington yesterday morning, Li Yifei, Secretary of the municipal Party Committee presided over the convening of the new community gathering construction symposium, to listen to the views of all parties. Li Yifei stressed that to Huimin Limin oriented, strengthen the research of policy guidance, unswervingly push forward the new rural community construction of the cluster, is conducive to the long-term development of Yiwu is also related to the vital interests of the masses of the practical run real.

City leaders Sheng Qiuping, Chen Xiuxian, Song Yinghao, Ge Guoqing, Wu Weixing and Mao Shiliang took part in the discussion.

At the meeting, the relevant units reported the relevant policies of the new community construction in urban and rural areas. Around the completion of supporting policies, work procedures, security measures and so on, the participants carried out in-depth study, and put forward suggestions and suggestions in light of the actual situation. Li Yifei said the affirmation of agglomeration to promote the construction work requirements, towns street, relevant departments to establish responsibility consciousness, people-oriented, focused, solid and orderly clustering construction.

Li Yifei pointed out that promoting urban and rural new community construction is an important measure to accelerate the agglomeration of Yiwu city transformation, is to enhance the quality of life of the people of Yiwu popular project, but also an important content of deepening the reform of our national system of rural homestead, towns street, departments have new communities in urban and rural areas and promote the construction of agglomeration, continue to improve living environment, enhance the taste of the city, the development of new space for the transformation of Yiwu city.

Li Yifei stressed that the city should establish a chess thinking, re integration to large accounts, from the point of view of the whole city, the city's economic and social development of the overall situation, do the system between the co-ordination and policy convergence, to protect people's rights; to highlight the scientific and feasible, to improve the relevant policies, optimization scheme. To adhere to the dominant position of farmers, respect for public opinion and protecting people's interests, strengthen the work of guidance, villages and households publicity interpretation, to help people understand the spirit of the policy, making full use of the policy, to participate in gathering people really get more benefits. We should work together to strengthen the guidance and coordination of agglomeration construction, simplify procedures, standardize operations, and actively and steadily push forward efforts to improve the human settlement environment and quality of life, and establish a new image of the city.

It is reported that the city's construction of high-rise apartments gathered 8 projects, supporting industrial housing projects 5, with a total investment of 10 billion 738 million yuan. As of now, the city has the approval of the village is determined to participate in the gathering along the village, choujiang temple town of Lakeside Village, Qian Tang village, West Street Niansanli Street Jiong village 4, has signed an exchange agreement and pay a deposit of nearly 400 households. Among them, under the thick Jiang Street, along the village is the development of housing distribution rules, plans to be completed before the end of the city's first concentration of the village housing distribution work. At the same time, the replacement of equity transactions has been active, 69 transactions have been completed, nearly 8000 square meters, the property of farmers to further appear.